How can the sun still rise?The birds still sing? How can I still live &breathe? How is any of this so? My love is dead #MaryMag#easterlive

Tears #MaryMag #easterlive

Trying not to think, trying to think, endless Shabbat space to get thru. Can’t do anything to distract myself. #MaryMag #easterlive

How can I mourn you, you who was my life, my being;

My source of all that was good, my energy,

You who made every day liveable, and right;

Your presence breathing Spirit into my days and my heart

You who drove the black clouds back and held my hand when their shadow loomed.

How can I mourn you, you whose death I saw, whose life I watched ebbing,

But whose presence I can’t let go of,

How can I live, while you do not.

How can the  sun rise without you and the earth continue to sprout shoots,

How can the rain fall at dusk, and the children play in the streets,

How can this be?

And must I now die?


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