Sunset, at last I can *do* something #MaryMag #easterlive

Preparing spices and ointments. It’s all I can do for him now#MaryMag #easterlive

Still dark, but I have to do this. Meeting Peter in the garden, I hope he can help move that stone. #MaryMag #easterlive

He’s gone! What?…. Where? Peter ran off…#MaryMag #easterlive

They have taken my love, my lord and I don’t know where they’ve taken him. #MaryMag #easterlive

“Mary”. #MaryMag #easterlive

It’s true!!! He’s alive! My love my lord lives… #MaryMag #easterlive

He called my name, he knows me, I am his #MaryMag #easterlive

Awesome privilege telling everyone about Jesus!!! So I’m a girl!?! GET OVER IT!!! #MaryMag #easterlive

such a day, such a reunion, such a call…. “do not be afraid…. go… tell…..!” I did , and I will #marymag #easterlive

What can I say today? how? how can you describe something beyond  your wildest imaginings, your most frenzied and crazy dreams? How can you describe the propulsion from death and darkness to life, life beyond anything…?

I walked to that garden this morning, carrying the spices and oils I’d been preparing, meeting Peter  on the way, and John was with him too. I knew I’d need help shifting that stone. I wanted to be early, to be first.

The heartrending shock of a cave open, empty, everything still, but fresh, no death no decay, my tears froze in my eyes. My brain could not comprehend the possibilities. I  have no idea if Peter was scared or if he understood, but he & John ran off… and I was left.

I was scared, and tired, confused and bewildered. Tempted to curl up in that cave and die too. The tears continued like a thaw, and then  something made me turn….

A figure stood there, and I started, through the blur I looked up at a man I supposed to be the gardener, for who else would be around at dawn?

All I could think is that  someone had taken Jesus’s body, that it was a mistake or something, and all I wanted  was to know where it was so I could do what  I needed to do, the only thing I had left I could do for him to show him my love.

So I asked, “where have you taken him?!”

and there was silence,

and the whole world stood still

and then I heard just one word


and in that one word, I knew, I saw him, I understood and I was loved.

“go and tell”

and what could I do, but go… rushing off -such a command, overtaking even all my need and insistence to be with him, to stay close; and yet as I went off, he was still close, I was not running from him, but to him, as I ran to tell the others what had happened!

What a day! and only the start, only the very start…

Do not be afraid…. Go and tell…..

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