Below the Line -Day 1

This next 5 days the family are taking the Live Below the Line challenge. The challenge is to eat ( and drink) on just £1 each per day which is   the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty line


The meal planning has been done, the shopping  purchased…

We’re fortunate in that having 6 of us we benefit from some economies of scale -the “rules” say you should budget for entire packs of food, not  a pro rata cost of what is in your cupboard already 

This means decent coffee ( any coffee?!) is out for the week.

It focuses your attention on the cost of food and that many living at this level live hand to mouth, or at least week to week, so don’t have the ability to buy a huge bag of pasta /rice / flour in one go even if it would last them for an age…

My favourite coffee is £2.50+ a pack, now that lasts me ( as the only one here who drinks it) for quite a while -more than a week, probably more than 2, but I’m aware how privileged that is, and how casually I throw it in to the basket in the supermarket.

Snacking and  food out & about will be hard too -guess I won’t be sermonating in coffee shops this week! Another real luxury..

We’ve costed in  home baking -another casual thing, often the girls will bake for ” something to do”  so that there are boosting snacks for afterschool! and our lifesaver will be our chickens eggs -we’re allowed to price those at what it costs to produce in food & consumables for the chickens… around 5p an egg.

So, here goes..

Please consider sponsoring us, we’ve chosen Unicef as our charity, and make a difference to poverty in the world.


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