Not really Remembrance

I w as told that 8am at a certain church ” wasn’t really remembrance”

but then I read the readings and  this is what I ended up saying  AUDIO


Many resonances  for today in todays reading – blood, sacrifice…

but its not about ” us” or or human activity -at least not to start with

Christ death has open the gate of heaven

Restoration of our relationship with God

Sin the barrier between us & God, the flaw in his world

-Has been dealt with

-Price paid

But we don’t so often live and see that reality

We look at our world

The news

The wars

The fights

The personal failings

The effects of sin and human choice

Today of all days perhaps the phrase” the blood not our own” seems most poignant and significant

There’s a price we see paid for all that anger and violence and greed,

A price of innocence

A price of blood –but it’s not ours

And it doesn’t effect anything

We know that the blood shed in war has been futile to change humanity

Only the blood of Jesus has that power.

Once for all.

Only by trusting in  the reality of that sacrifice

Can we start to build the Kingdom here


And justice –  living out the real justice of God

How can we stand in judgement on others, when God’s judgement on us has been taken up in Jesus –dealt with?

How can we fight and push for our own needs and wants, when Jesus laid his life down for us?

If today means anything it means remembering those who put others before themselves, and with whatever motivation, whether fear or glory,  principle or power,  gave up their lives

If every day means anything it means remembering Jesus, who put our eternity before his own life, who put our relationship with God before anything else,

Who lived, died and rose again, so that our eternity might be full of hope,

As those who died humanly in way did so, so that our earthly  future might reflect a glimpse of that heavenly future promised to us in Jesus

“For your tomorrow, we gave our today… “

For your eternity –he gave his life


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