trying to explain

 no I’m not ” feeling better” or ” over it”,  

no I’m not “just cross because” I have ambitions to be a bishop (really? really? you think ANYONE does?)

No I don’t just think ” the government (sic) should just tell the church what to do” nor am I going to ” just say ‘f*ck off'” to my colleagues who opposed this measure.

I’m not going to ” show them you’re better” , because I’m not. I’m not going to get on some feminista high horse and call them all misogynist, they’re not.

I will not indulge in men bashing, not now, not ever. 

All these things have been suggested  in the last week…

Yes I will still cry at times, ( like I did today when the voting breakdown was published and I saw that 6 out of 7 lay reps in my diocese voted no)

Yes I am going to campaign for women’s voices to be heard effectively in Diocesan structures,  I am going to believe in myself and my call.

I may never be consecrated a Bishop, but I am consecrated by God to do a job, we all are and we need to get on with it.

Part of that job might be being a pain in the rear to other people over this issue… maybe! who knows ? 😉

I will whinge about non inclusive language in liturgy and hymns, because  these things may seem small, but tiny pinpricks of hurt and injury build up, chipping away at the self image of women and girls all across our churches.

And I will wear purple.

And yes I AM making a point.

It matters, we ALL matter.



3 Responses to “trying to explain”

  1. Once again: solidarity! Strength and courage to you.

  2. Thank you. I always have liked purple, much to the amusement of many who saw my calling before I did. It’s no longer just something I do.

    Lay voting figures tragic. Hadn’t looked, wasn’t expecting them to be great, but that’s appalling!

    Talking of inclusive language, lower reading age stuff – expect you’ve met this chap but I found it today via Twitter

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