the best is yet to come…

Reflective Sermon for Advent Sunday 2012

written reflecting on the last ten days, and the hope, the hurt, the brokenness, the potential the promises  the waiting and the ” best” that is yet to be

Audio here


The human spirit is not good at waiting, somehow built into our DNA and psyche is a need, a desire to know now, to have results, answers and have them now.

We’re not good waiting for news, for events, for presents

for results, for people,

and yet  the reality is we are living the season of waiting…

The  Jewish people had been waiting

waiting for years, in good times & bad, in exile and at home, In famine and in plenty

Waiting for the fulfilment of the promise that God had made to Abraham, to Noah, to David,

waiting for the words of the prophets to become real


waiting for the intervention of their God

the rescue

the Kingdom

the start of something better.

Looking back now at their story, we can see Gods intervention

we can see God’s hand at work.

with Noah he rescued humanity from the flood, he kept his promise of life

to Abraham he  gave a son, as promised, in his old age and then provided a ram, in place of his son Isaac when he tested him

In Moses he liberated  his people from slavery and brought them into  a new place of freedom

in David he brought redemption out of sin & brokenness and rebuikt an earthly Kingdom to forshadow the heavenly one

Nehemiah  rebuilt the city after the exile

Mary accepted a waiting assignment, expectation of the greatest sort

John the Baptist  prepared  the path for his Son, the chosen one.

In all of this history God had been working

making and keeping promises

maybe at the time they were unseen, these answers, these kept promises

maybe the waiting passed people by?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the hope,

the small answers, the glimpses of light… sometimes it’s only when we  look back that we see how much we are encouraged and answered at every turn.

In the midst of brokenness and darkness it can be almost impossible to see the light  of God

But the message of Advent is about hope

its about seeing the light, though the dark  & the gloom

But it’s also about waiting,

though we can see and understand the hope,

it is both now and not yet, We live today in the reality of the promise of the resurrected Christ, but we live that within a world which is still in darkness

We can live the resurrection life now but we wait still

we wait for heaven & earth, to be made new

Advent is about waiting

Life is about waiting

but as we wait, we must not lose sight of what we can learn, why we wait

It’s been said that the meaning is in the waiting.

if we had everything now, we’d not understand or appreciate how much we had.

waiting intensifies the experience,

it makes us understand what it is we have, what we know

so we learn through our waiting

but we know  as we wait that there are glimmers of the hope for which we wait,

sometimes much more than glimmers, causes for celebrations,  joy and times when life is very good.

All is to come, but so much is here already.

Let us not lose sight of either truth as we live this advent season,  both these four weeks as we wait for Christmas, and this time in which we live, as we wait for the promises of God to be fully fulfilled


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