Called by Name -The Feast of the Baptism of Christ

Isaiah 43;1-7 Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22

Today was a bit of a catalogue of disasters – 9.30 was an All age service at which  very few children turned up  -well lets be honest, more than a normal Sunday, fewer than when the Uniformed orgs turn up en masse,

2 mins into my talk the lectern collapsed on me,  (  I wasn’t even touching it at the time)   the voice recorder must have turned itself off in the  melee, and my inspired idea of annointing hands with baptismal oil at the end of the talk, though well taken up got zero feedback, and felt like a flat pancake. (anyone who was there & felt differently please tell me…!)

Isaiah 43 is such a significant passage for me I think I wanted everyone else to feel it too and somehow it feels worse that it didn’t feel like that ( make ANY sense?!)

Anyway –here’s 80c’s sermon, which Id preached without notes, rather winging it on the ideas Id had for 9.30


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