The Path Ahead

I’m between jobs at the moment, so it is I find myself without services to lead and things to prepare over  Holy Week and the Triduum. (or at least after Wednesday anyway) . More on the leaving another time, but  conscious of the need to travel through these days  in a place and with a community, I have decided to worship at the Cathedral. Beautiful, imposing and intimate; linked with my family’s history and my own personal story this is *my* cathedral and will be  ( now I have a job in the diocese) for at least a good few years more. It is not like a stranger that I come to worship in this place, but as someone who belongs, as you do in your parents or grandparents home, even when you do not live there day by day.

I hadn’t thought about blogging until I was on my way home from the Eucharist of the Last supper and Watch.  The posts that follow may be slight or they may be momentous. It’s a journey and we shall see how the path winds.


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