About Strands of Life & Who’s who

A cord of three strands is not easily broken Ecclesiastes 4 : 12

Strands of Life is often used to refer to DNA, the very fabric of physical existence.

I have used the title for my blog because of the reference to fibres; my crafting medium of choice, the multiple strands of faith & family which make up my life and because of this verse from Ecclesiastes which formed our wedding service “theme” in 1995.

Who’s Who?

Me -FibreFairy,  Him –  Mr FibreFairy

The Children;  known here as

Ruthy b 1997  Kate b 1999 Charlie b 2002 Ben b 2005

various friends & relations who may or may not be pseudonymous

One Response to “About Strands of Life & Who’s who”

  1. Hi – discovered this evening that your twitter account’s been suspended. Wondering what’s gone wrong? Quite a few folks rooting for you: Twitter Search: fibrefairy

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